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How To Plan a Successful Book Promotion

Book done? Nearly done? Well done. Time to promote it. Don’t think you have to? Think again. Even large traditional publishing houses expect you to self promote. Ready?

If you are uncomfortable with self promotion and the concept that you write for profit you will be uncomfortable with this.

You have to settle that first. 

Stop reading, settle it, now let’s get on with it.

You may have already done all or parts of this, bear with me. You have to think promotion as early as you can and plan a successful strategy. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on pre-publication promotionsal opportunities. These include having your book reviewed before the release date by the publishing trade media and by library media. You also might miss the opportunity to ask for and gather endorsements for your back cover copy.

To establish your promotional plan work through this reality check right now:

1. Who is your readership? Who will buy your book?

2. How will readers know your book exists? How will they know how it will add value to  their lives? Hint: Enter stage left, social media.

3. How will readers come across your book, how will they buy it?

4. How will it be available primarily?

5. Who can write a testimonial about your books, you will need 3 or 4 for the back cover.

6. What are the keywords? Remember these are the highway down which readers ride      their mouse to find you. Choose those with a large platform.

Choices: Print book, ebook, interactive book, audio book, all 4.


Plan the event. Date? When will your book be released? Plan a venue that has some relevance to your book. Offer refreshments (keep it simple sister) and perhaps some form of entertainment, maybe music that goes with the theme.

Some authors reenact a scene from the book, in period costume, serving food mentioned in the book, is that something you would consider?

Do a creative presentation based on the book’s content.  Perhaps have your friends with relevant accents and clothing act out some of the dialogue.

Speak on the book’s topic or plan an interactive activity based on the topic. Read parts of the book aloud, speak on the topic of the book, make it interactive if you can. Many authors moan about the trials and tribulations of writing and publishing, it’s been done, think of something else. Take questions from the audience. Be creative and interesting!

Print loads of bookmarks for attendees to share with others. Bookmarks with uncoated paper on the back side allow you to sign them.  These are cheap, often free, just for the cost of postage through Vista Print.

Encourage attendees to bring their smart phones to the event so that they can photograph and email, tweet or post to others about the event in real time.

Provide a laptop computer where people can order the print book if you run out, or the ebook version. Make sure they log out of their Amazon or bookstore account after using it.

Do not be shy. Promote the event heavily. Suggested promotions include press releases to local media, emails or evites to your friends and local contacts, frequent announcements on your blog and social media accounts (scheduled by Hootsuite or similar program), and postcard invitations. Ask associates and friends to help spread the word.

You need a twitter account, an active facebook author page If you don’t know how to do this go to and pay some on $5.00 to do it for you), a Pinterest page - set up a board with the book title, another one for the period, another one for area, another one for the characters.  On every single pin put hashtags and links back to your facebook, newsletter, twitter etc.

You need a linked in account and you need to join and interact in appropriate circles. Support others, comment on their posts, add value to their lives and establish your credibility within the circles.

There are some essential skills for authors using social media.

Do you know how to shorten URL’s? Answer:

Do you know how to get an URL for photographs, some sites require them? Answer: Imageshack

You Tube is your best friend Someone has provided a relevant tutorial to teach you. Don’t like one teacher? Go to another.  

The business of self promotion requires focus and a plan. Go for it.

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