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The Third Fate, by Nadja Notarini: Book Review

The Third Fate by Nadja Notariani follows her previous two books, Claiming The Prize and Her Dark Baron.  The book is well named as the hero, Paige pursues just that, the third fate, without knowing that or that it is preceded by the first and second fates. 

Timid, compliant and one unaccustomed to power or status Paige Kinnell catalogues library books. Her mother died in childbirth. Paige was adopted by her aunt and raised with her two female cousins as their sibling. Her life is pedestrian and simple. She loved and lost a fiancé to death and seems resigned to a bland existence. The loss of her love leaves her unwilling to commit to another. As if to compensate for the banality of her life experience she invests herself in studying a time long gone, a time of magic and legend.

Unbeknown to her she is desired and sought by Cael Maccinnis, the handsome, mysterious Highlander. He enters her dreams before he enters her life. Without being asked he answers every unspoken longing of her heart. She becomes perturbed as dark and secret lusts demand to be satisfied. Her passion, her encounters with him transition her into what he is. A vampire. The journey into the world of supernatural creatures and ancient lore was written in the geography of her blood, by her own mother and father.

She dares to love Cael, but will forces beyond them cause her to lose him? She and her blue eyed vampire Highlander become unwitting pawns in a contest between ancients and ancients, and ancients and humans. The complexities of vampire to vampire to druid to human interaction are further complicated by centuries old passions, deception, calls for revenge and jealousies. The final battle causes Paige to wield hitherto unknown power and strength as she discovers her true identity, her gifts, her fate.

The reader may be less confused if the author named fewer of the characters. Some of the characters enter abruptly and without introduction. The reader has to reread or catch up with their purpose in the following passages.

The author combines erotica with bloodlust. The love scenes are heavy with lust and passion, the emotional aspect of the core relationships seem somewhat overly psychological, leaving the reader asking, if only fleetingly, “would an ancient vampire who drinks blood to survive be afraid of his feelings or is that a 21st century approach?”

The author skillfully uses strong language and imagery. The book is competently edited. The author retains control over the point of view, there is no confusion as to whom is speaking when. She shows the story from the character’s point of view, cancelling the need of a narrator. Reading the book is not a one-dimensional experience. The author engages the reader by transporting him or her to the scene through the five senses of the characters. Those who long for a time that never was, and who seek a world of vampires and unbridled passion will find it a rollicking good read.

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