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That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.
Steve Jobs

Carnival barking cyber style

Online scams abound. You are in your own home. It is just you and the screen, and that promise. The face is young, fresh. Does it belong to the promoter? How old, or touched up it is. No way to know. You do know you need to use this or that social media and to hone your skills and spend less time flailing around learning.

You register for the free seminar. It’s free, right? At the appointed time guru claims millions of dollars worth of success using her methods, and she is offering them, to you, today, free. She self congratulates and introduces herself, at length, counting all her millions just so you know who you are listening to. She lists her awards, never mind that you have never heard of them. She gives a few free hints or tips. She wants to tell you more, if only she could, but that is part of the package she offers. She says she is rushed. She counts the number attending; you take her word for it. Oh my, the room is filled and more are trying to get in, the excitement builds. Aren’t you the lucky one, you got “in”? She greets different ones with familiarity; they are obviously her inner circle. You can’t see their names. You assume she is telling the truth. If she is so time pressed why is she blethering on like this?

She punctuates her giggles with words like “hugely”…”tons”…”insanely viral”.

For 30 minutes she pitches her “to be paid for” products. How much are they worth? You don’t know. She tells you. A calculator appears, the price is exorbitant, a red line crosses it out, because she likes you and wants to help you she slashes the price again. You hold your breath. Because it is Tuesday or Thursday, or March or December she slashes it again, because you have been soooooo good listening to her she slashes it again, look at that!! For today only for the next hour, a clock appears and counts down, you can buy these hours of teaching for a mere $49.99. She hopes her publisher is not listening as she will not believe this price. So it is naughty and nice at the same time, “mommy” doesn’t know about this. You giggle together.

You do know she is very busy and that her time is precious, right? She is giving you this time. She paid thousands of dollars attending courses to find this information for you (feeling guilty yet), okay, then well, she could be home with her children (now you feel guilty).The only way to assuage your guilt is to buy this now. Wow! She tells you, “look Janelle bought it, and Anna in Florida, and Patty in Seattle, well done girls you will soon be living my life”. She giggles - again.

Unlike Janelle and Anna and Patty you did not buy. Days later you receive an email begging you to invest in your own career. She has been where you are, she knows your pain, the dilemma of “can I afford to invest in myself”? She assures you that success is on the other side of your purchase. There is a hint of “and if you don’t buy this, how stupid are you?”

Ooops! this is a precious commodity and it is available for a short time.  She cannot possibly offer you this product at this affordable price for long. There is another clock or calendar counting down. You have until midnight tonight to buy it. Remember she has been where you are and is offering you a hand up. It’s the old “make ‘em think it is a rare commodity and time is limited” scam.

This approach has become standard fare. Obviously it works, but should the fact it works be the litmus test on its worth or is it the cyber version of carnival barking?



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